Welcome to some Recent Papers. Many are forthcoming: please do not quote in work to be published, without first asking me for a proper reference.

Success Semantics (Ramsey) HERE Religion and Respect HERE
McDowell's use of spatial metaphor, disjunctivities etc. HERE Quasi Realism no Fictionalism HERE
More thoughts about fiction HERE Thick Concepts, the fact value distinction and Putnam HERE
Voltaire lecture to British Humanists Association HERE Recent writings against expressivism by Peacocke and Kerstein HERE
Conference Paper on Representation and Pragmatism HERE Paper on Egan and A Prioricity HERE
Truth, Beauty, and Goodness: How to do metathetics HERE The Social Nature of Expression HERE
Marc Hauser's Tanner Lecture HERE A small run through Hume's Dialogues HERE
The Majesty of Reasons HERE Hume and Thick Connections HERE
Sharon Street on independent moral truth as such HERE A new view of contemporary pragmatism HERE
Parfit's tiltings at expressivism HERE Wittgnstin's Irrealism (1989) HERE
Brad Armour-Garb on truth and goodness HERE