Faculty of Philosophy

Logical Form

University of Cambridge, 18th-19th September 2012

This conference will tackle the notion of logical form, and its application to natural and formal languages. In what sense is an argument valid (or invalid) in virtue of its form? What are the goals of formalisation? Does grammatical form really mislead as to logical form? And what are forms anyway, and how do they reflect the structure of the world?

The conference will run for two full days, Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th September 2012, at The Møller Centre in Cambridge.

The confirmed speakers are:

We are grateful for generous support from the Arts and Humanities Research Council; St John's College, Cambridge; the Faculty of Philosophy, Cambridge University; the British Logic Colloquium; the Aristotelian Society and the Analysis Trust.

The conference is organised by Owen Griffiths and Alex Oliver.